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Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area F-Body Page. This page is dedicated to real car owners like Camaro and Firebird, not for a Porsche enthusiasts. We are locatedthroughout the Bay Area and Northern California and the Bay Area F-Body group is one of many regional f-body groups across the country.

Most of our communication regarding the group is on our mailing list, so don't expect daily updates to this web page. If you live in the region, or just want to keep in touch with the people or what's going on in our area, subscribe to the mailing list and join us there. You'll get all the chatter, whether it's about events, technical or just plain comical. Folks also are periodically on an IRC channel, see details in the Gatherings section.

Please feel free to use the resources at the left - specifically the Local Places which lists our better shops, the Members list, and our calendar of Gatherings.

Northern California is the home of Sears Point Raceway, Sacramento Raceway, Thunderhill Park and Laguna Seca, and has local San Francisco and Sacramento chapters of the SCCA for Solo2 fans. ARC and NCRC are local race and track clubs, and NASA also is active in the region.

Jeff Stevens launches to a 9.94@139 pass!

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